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Lupus Advocate /Community Activist 

                     #Beatlupus​​​ ​1st annual

                           Paint & Sip​​ ​night

#BeatLupus is registered with the Lupus foundation of America. If you would like to make a donation for the funding of Lupus research please visit my make your mark page @ 

  In 2010 I was diagnosed with Systematic Lupus (SLE) and was told that I would never play again.

  Since my diagnoses I've faced many hurdles but refuse to allow lupus to stand in the way of me doing what I love.

Being a male with Lupus has it challenges, although some Lupus  cases are fatal and  all who live with lupus face their  individual  battles with the disease, I'm a living witness that it is possible to live a full and active life with Lupus .

l have continued to   play  and tour around the world all while having lupus; despite doctors telling me  I wouldn't. I will continue to use my God given gift to promote and bring as much awareness to lupus until  there's a cure.

Lets join together to find a  cure.